Friday, May 22, 2009


Operation Sarak 1, AFGHANISTAN -- The Black Watch, the 3rd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland (3 SCOTS), left the relative safety of Camp Roberts at Khandahar Air Base for Operation Sarak 1 from the 21 April till the 25th April 2009.

Op Sarak 1 is the first operation as a battle group for 3 SCOTS which saw them enter the region of Maywand to carryout searches and exploit compounds of interest.

The operation was carried out in a number of phases which consisted of an air assault comprising of three waves of four CH-47 Chinooks, and two CH-53 Sea Stallions to shuttle troops to their area of operation. AH-64 Apaches and American Cobras were tasked with air cover for the initial drop.

A troop of Vikings and a mortar platoon were all so on call in the area if needed.

Maywand is split in to two key areas by a transport road running through it from north to south known as Bigfoot. Alpha Company was dropped in the North in an area called Zarzadah and Bravo Company in south in an area called Kaykak.

Pictured is a CH-46 Chinook taking off just outside of the FOB after a re-supply.

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