Tuesday, November 3, 2009

AUDIO: Rifleman Walton reflects on a hard summer tour of Helmand

Rifleman Robert Walton from Douglas in the Isle of Man is 19 years old and serving with 4 Rifles.

He has been deployed as part of 19 Light Brigade and has spent five months here in Helmand during some of the most intense fighting since the British arrived here.

The Rifles is the largest infantry regiment in the British Army and trace their values and heritage back to the Peninsular War and the time portrayed in the TV series Sharpe. Then, as today, independence of thought and action were prized amongst the specialist soldiers equipped with rifles who were known as Riflemen.


  1. such a brave and modest young man. I wish you well in everything you do in the future. You are an inspiration to todays youth. God bless you and keep you and your comrades safe.

  2. very brave but still to young to be out there keep safe son and god bless iam not a prying person but ill say a wee payer for u and all your comrades!!!

  3. my whole family is proud of me bro rfn walton uv dunn a good job bro love jack