Thursday, February 26, 2009

Marine Michael Laski dies of wounds sustained in Afghanistan

Marine Michael 'Mick' Laski of Signals Detachment, Yankee Company, 45 Commando Royal Marines, passed away peacefully at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham on 25 February 2009 with his family beside him.

Despite displaying true Commando qualities to the very end, Marine Laski died of the wounds he sustained in action on 23 February 2009 to the north of Sangin, Helmand province, Afghanistan.

On the morning of Monday 23 February 2009, Yankee Company was conducting a foot patrol to provide security to the local Afghan community when they were engaged by heavy and accurate enemy fire.

Caught in open ground during this initial exchange, Marine Laski was struck by an enemy bullet whilst the patrol fought back to regain the initiative. In spite of every effort by his colleagues, and his own trademark determination, he never regained consciousness.

Marine Michael 'Mick' Laski

Michael Laski, 21, was born in Liverpool on 11 May 1987. After completing Royal Marines Commando recruit training in September 2006, he joined 45 Commando Royal Marines and immediately deployed with the unit on Operation HERRICK 5 to Afghanistan.

Returning to the unit in early 2008 after successfully completing his Royal Marines Signals Specialisation course, his dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism ensured that he immediately stood out from his peers.

The epitome of a Royal Marine, his desire to be right at the heart of Commando unit life manifested itself in his single-minded determination and desire to return to a close combat company. Confident in his abilities, his relentless drive and tenacity and the continual pestering of the Signal Troop Sergeant Major saw him joining Yankee Company in time for operations in the Upper Sangin Valley in Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK 9.

Marine Laski was a dependable, brave and selfless man. He loved his job, and was exceptionally good at it. His spirit and tenacity in the face of adversity and danger were unswerving and his sense of humour and love for life was apparent in everything he did.

He was an exceptional Commando, and he was blessed with a truly engaging personality that endeared him to all. Hugely popular within the company, his natural and infectious sense of humour always meant that he was at the centre of company banter.

Marine Laski was a ferociously loyal Royal Marine, dedicated to his friends and to the Corps, and that is how he will best be remembered. His loss will be felt deeply by all.

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