Friday, April 24, 2009

Hero shrugs off legs loss - The Sun

A BRAVE soldier has shrugged off the horrific loss of both his legs and declared: “I won’t let it stop me.”

Green Beret Commando Gregg Stevenson said he was RELIEVED his injuries were not worse after stepping on hidden explosives in Afghanistan.
And he is vowing to return to frontline duties just as soon as he is fitted with prosthetic legs.
Gregg, 24, was on foot patrol and looking for mines in Helmand Province when he was sent flying by a massive explosion. The Taliban weapon blew both his legs off from the knee and also took the top off his left index finger.

But Gregg - who serves with the 24 Engineer Regiment - believes he owes his life to his 6ft 4in height. Last night he said: “I was lucky that I was so tall. Because I was six-foot-four the explosive missed my vital organs.

“It wasn’t really a shock that it happened as my job was to look for mines and explosives on the front line so I knew what the dangers involved.

“I’m staying positive and just trying to get back on with my life as normal. My family were upset when they were told what had happened but they knew I wasn’t in Afghanistan doing a desk job. I won’t let it stop me.”

Gregg, of Foulridge, Lancs, was on his first tour of duty to Afghanistan during his three years in the Devon-based battalion which supports the Royal Marines.

He was just two weeks from completing a six-month stint - but now faces months of treatment before he can resume his career.
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