Wednesday, August 19, 2009

VIDEO: The tour has been hard pounding, but progress has been made - Sangin, Helmand

Mid way through the tour, Lieutenant Colonel Rob Thomson, Commanding Officer of the RIFLES Battle Group reflect on the losses as well as the progress being made in Sangin, Helmand Province.

The Battle Group, part of 19 Light Brigade took over responsibility for Helmand province at the beginning of April. Personnel in all three Services make up the Battle Group which has more than 1,100 troops.


  1. well done to all of you out there, my son is out there with you and i am immensely proud of him as i am of you all, stay safe and look after each other. Swift and Bold

  2. Sir ,
    we are all behind you and wish we were young enough and fit enough to come out there and assist in anyway we could. Stay well and safe all of you .Celer et Audax

  3. All former Riflemen are always thinking of the young serving Rifleman on the front line. God bless you all.

    Swift & Bold

    x 3 RGJ

  4. my thoughts are with you all god bless
    jerry lyons x wo2 1 rgj

  5. Stay safe all of you.

    Pete Cooper WO2 Retd 2 RGJ