Thursday, December 31, 2009

Canadians killed in Afghanistan attack - BBC

Reporter Michelle Lang had recently arrived in Afghanistan

Four Canadian soldiers and a journalist have been killed in an attack in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar.

The journalist has been identified as Michelle Lang, 34, from the Calgary Herald, who had just arrived on her first assignment in the country.

The armoured vehicle in which the group was travelling was touring local reconstruction projects.

This has been the deadliest year for foreign troops since the 2001 invasion. Canada's toll stands at 32 for 2009.

It has lost 138 troops in total in the course of the war.

'Very saddened'

Ms Lang was the third journalist to die in Afghanistan this year, Reuters reports.

An award-winning health reporter, her colleagues at the newspaper were said to have been devastated by the news of her death.

She was recently engaged to be married and described as bright, quick-witted and kind.

"We are all very saddened to hear this tragic news," Alberta Health Minister Ron Liepert said in a statement.

"Michelle covered health issues with professionalism, accuracy and thoroughness."

The BBC's Lee Carter, in Toronto, says the deaths will add to the conviction felt by many Canadians that the country has carried a disproportionate number of casualties, especially in comparison to some European Nato allies.

Canada has a 2,800-strong force in Afghanistan, but the deployment has become increasingly unpopular at home and the troops are scheduled to be withdrawn at the end of 2011.

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  1. it really is sad we don't get to here about other country's soldiers that die or are wounded the bbc do the uk governments spinning for them we only here of British and some times American deaths never how many wounded and its always a yearly running count never a war total. if any body dosnt now why were ther .well you can sum it up in one word ( BUSH ) (EVIL)