Wednesday, December 23, 2009

PICTURE of the day: Reassurance patrol from PB Talibjan

Setting off
One of the local villages
Local villagers gather to talk to the troops.
Section Two scanning the ground for signs of insurgents

Back in the PB, the mornings patrol done.

Pictures: Major Paul Smyth


  1. Gents, as a former Royal Marine who fought in the Falklands, I'm completely humbled by your professionalism and bravery. Don't ever forget what a brilliant job the public think you're doing for us.

    Bob Owen

  2. A good selection of pictures, its good to see our troops earning the hearts and minds, that we are so very good at.

  3. I agree with Bob above. Great job, and excellent pictures. The bloody press over here should report much more of the positive stuff.

    AS for the Hearts and Minds, I hope our Allies are as good at it as we are. They are in the majority.

    You ever thought of a video blog?