Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Army and RAF in training exercise

The army and RAF are staging a military exercise over mid Wales and parts of the south of England for the next nine days.

About 4,000 troops from 11 Light Brigade will take part in one of the largest training exercise to be carried out in Wiltshire.

Four hundred vehicles and 12 helicopters have also been brought in.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said planners have worked hard to make sure night flying is kept to a minimum.

'Realistic conditions'

People are being told to expect extra military activity in the area over the next two weeks.

An 11 Light Brigade spokesman said the exercise was the culmination of intensive period of training and preparation.

"It offers an excellent opportunity to place the deploying troops under conditions similar to those they are likely to encounter on operations.

"While training of this nature and scale will inevitably involve an amount of disruption to the local community, we will make every effort to ensure that this is kept to a minimum.

"We are very grateful for the support and patience of the community."

The brigade is due to go to Afghanistan in October.

The exercise is designed to help train soldiers ahead of deployment to an "operational theatre".

Among the aircraft taking part are Apache and Chinook helicopters and Tornado GR-4 jets.

The RAF said the majority of the air activity, which may include low flying, will take place during daylight hours, but there will be some at night and over the weekend.

Exercise Herrick 11 is designed to provide "essential training for No 11 Light Brigade", said officials

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  1. Good Luck i am a Journalist from Afghanistan based in London. will be attending the training ground Tomorrow. ...