Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pre-Deployment Training to be 11 Light Brigade's eyes and ears in Afghanistan

Fighting side-by-side in the South African outback, a mixture of gunners, infantrymen, cavalrymen, engineers and Gurkhas have recently been on exercise to prepare for deployment to Afghanistan later this year as part of 11 Light Brigade.

The troops, who were hand-picked following a selection course that firmly separated the men from the boys, were brought together to form the Brigade Reconnaissance Force (BRF).

Operating in the far reaches of Afghanistan's badlands, the BRF will take on the key responsibilities of surveillance and gathering intelligence for the brigade commander later in the year.

Major Gordon Clifford (Household Cavalry Regiment), BRF Squadron Leader, said:

"We looked for aptitude, enthusiasm and professionalism.

"We will be expected to be the brigade commander's eyes and ears rather than operate through the main battle group, which may bring numerous and challenging tasks our way.

"We can be asked to assess the atmospherics of areas that haven't been operated in by coalition forces previously."

A night-time assault exercise, which took place in Northern Cape, South Africa, represented the initial phase of training on Exercise Kalahari Thorn.

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