Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Operation Panther's Claw Commanders Diaries

A final armoured thrust across enemy territory has marked the end of Operation PANTHER'S CLAW; a five-week campaign to clear one of the few remaining Taliban strongholds in Helmand province.

In a unique set of dispatches from key commanders outlining the challenges they faced during the operation - click the links below to read them on the Frontline Bloggers site:

Lt Col Stephen Cartwright, CO of The Black Watch - First air assualt into key drugs bazaar - 20 June 2009

Lt Col Doug Chalmers, CO 1st Battalion of the Welsh Guards - The Push up the Shamalan Canal - 25 June - 25 July 2009

Col Frank Lissner, Commanding Officer of the Danish Battlegroup - Siezing the entry crossings along the Nahr E Bughra Canal - 2 and 8 July 2009

Lt Col Gus Fair DSO, Commanding Officer of The Light Dragoons - The sweep across Spin Masjed and Babiji 4-8 Jul and 10-14 Jul 09

Major Nigel Crewe-Read, OC C Coy, 2 Royal Welsh - The armoured thrust through Babiji 20 – 25 JULY

Part 2 - Lt Col Stephen Cartwright, CO Black Watch - The final air assault and armoured thrust - 20-27 July 2009

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