Monday, October 26, 2009

BFBS Radio Afghanistan goes live

British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) Radio Afghanistan went live on air at 0630hrs local Afghan time this morning, broadcasting from Camp Bastion to British forces across Afghanistan and the Middle East.

The family and friends of personnel on operations in Afghanistan will also be able to hear the service in the UK on DAB digital radio.

'Good Morning Afghanistan!' rang out in the cookhouses, corrimecs, tents and ablution blocks as British forces woke to face another day on Op HERRICK.

At the time the first Bastion breakfast show went on air, forces' family and friends were safely tucked up in bed as it was 0200hrs in the UK, but the opening will be reprised on BFBS Radio worldwide, including on DAB digital radio in the UK, at 0900hrs GMT when the BFBS network joins up around the world and, for the first time, connects the UK live with the station in Bastion.

BFBS Radio listeners across the Forces world were asked to choose what should be the first song played on the new station, and they e-mailed and texted their suggestions for two weeks until the poll closed at midday on Friday.

'Dusty' Miller, the first presenter on BFBS Radio in Afghanistan, said:

"Mindful of the very particular brand of humour amongst our listeners, we were worried what they might foist on us but were braced to play whatever they asked for!

"The first song played on the ground in any operational theatre tends to get a bit of an iconic status, and becomes a tune that in some ways sums up a particular tour."

And the winner was... 'Wake Up Boo!' by The Boo Radleys.

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