Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Danish troops close off the battle zone for Brit allies

Danish reconnaissance troops from the island of Bornholm checks a tunnel running under a canal. Hundreds of locals and Talibs used this tunnel every day, on foot or motorcycle, to get in and out of the Green Zone.

Danish and British commanders met frequently during Operation Ring of Steel, coordinating the course of the fight. "The British are polite people, but also we could feel the real respect for us rise as they gradually saw what our units are capable of achieving," says Danish officer

An important phase in Operation Ring of Steel was recently concluded. Platoons of Danish 2 Light Recce Squadron have been in numerous firefights with the Taliban during the past weeks. The battles have been hard fought and there have been casualties on both sides of the front. But together with British and other allies they have stood their ground, the soldiers from Bornholm, an island in the Baltic Ocean and the most eastern part of Denmark. The islanders took part in laying an iron circle around an isolated pocket of Talibs. The enemy has been clearly aggravated and annoyed with this.

A base was quickly established by the Recce Squadron. From here the Danish soldiers regularly lashed out at the Taliban.

Jakob Bjerborg, the Officer in Command of the Squadron, explains:
- We pressured the enemy to shift some of his focus to us. Because of that he had to thin out the forces facing the Brits. At the same time we disrupted his supply routes, making him run low on food, water and ammunition.
The OC points out that the enemy never knew when and where the Recce Squadron would strike.

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  2. Just for reference, the two pictures that are shown in your article were taken by private Theis Kongsbak.