Friday, January 1, 2010

Lieutenant Dave Clark recounts amazing Taliban shooting escape

By Chris Hughes

A British officer missed death by a whisker after a Taliban bullet blasted through his rucksack and just past his head.

Lieutenant Dave Clark, 27, and his men from B Company, 1 Scots were pinned down by heavy fire in Sangin, Afghanistan.

As they crawled to cover Lt Clark, of East Kilbride, kept firing his SA80 assault rifle even while calling in an urgent report. Fortunately he was leaning down into his radio set when the AK47 bullet hit.

He didn't even realise he had been struck until returning to base.

He said: "When we got back, I had a look and saw it had gone all the way through. I felt pretty lucky. I wasn't overly fazed. I was just pleased to get off the ground with all my blokes in one piece."

Lt Clark is now enjoying leave in Scotland with his girlfriend before finishing the rest of his tour.

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