Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Outrage over kids used as shields

Attack ... raid last week


TALIBAN fighters were branded cowards last night for using kids as human shields during an assault by British forces.

Insurgents also forced locals into the line of fire in a "disgraceful" attempt to save their own necks, said military chiefs.

Details of the Taliban's tactics emerged after a four-day mission by members of the 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh and local Afghan soldiers.

More than 300 helicopter-borne troops surprised the enemy at their stronghold in a Helmand area known as Babaji Pear. The Taliban were smashed without a single British or civilian casualty. At least three insurgents died.

Commanding officer Lt Col Nick Lock yesterday told of the enemy's sick tactics during the assault last week. He said: "On several occasions insurgents were seen to use children as human shields and locals were herded into the open in an attempt to draw fire."

He said there was "no lack of courage" in the Afghan soldiers fighting alongside his men.

Last night the ex-commander of British forces in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp, condemned the Taliban. He said: "They are cowards who have no honour."

Pictures: Major Paul Smyth


  1. Yeah well people with that much hatred of humanity aren't going to think twice, or once, about using children to their own means. Just a means to an end for them. Gee I'm glad I'm British. I know all the armed forces on the good side are there for good.
    Be safe guys.
    Sarah x

  2. Nothing more than expected.... cowards the lot of them, hence IED's.... too frightened to come out and fight like real warriors... they disgust me.