Wednesday, January 6, 2010

PICTURE of the day: Kabul foot patrol

Members of B Company, 3 Royal Anglian Regiment, attached to 10 Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment, carry out a foot patrol around the busy streets of central Kabul, Afghanistan.
The soldiers patrol on foot to deter suicide bombers, challenge suspicious activity and reassure the locals about security in their city.
A street vendor goes about his business, selling duffle coats for the onset of Kabul’s harsh winter chill.
A man is stopped in his vehicle after Sgt Micky Prescott spots a loaded weapon on his lap. The man’s paperwork is in order: He is a private bodyguard and permitted to carry the firearm.
The vast majority of locals are friendly, especially the children who chat to the soldiers...
...and pose for the camera.

Pictures: Lieutenant Sally Armstrong Royal Navy


  1. look at their little faces! Cuteeeee.
    They are who your fighting for. Maybe, as in northern Ireland, these children will never know the bad guys and can live in the kind of place we do here in the UK.
    That top photo makes me scared for you all though. I'd be terrified. Be safe.
    Big hugs.
    Sarah x

  2. My bad that's "you're" not "your"... gee I dislike it when people do that and now I've done it, Grrrrr, lol.

  3. My Name is Haheed one of the Residency of the helmand Province of Afghanistan acually