Thursday, September 10, 2009

2 YORKS begin deployment to Afghanistan

Around 400 soldiers from 2 YORKS are starting their deployment to Afghanistan. The troops were waved off by loved at left Weeton Barracks in Lancashire and will soon be working side by side Afghan national Soldiers as they train them to take on their own security.

"Working hand-in-glove with the Afghan National Army provided a great opportunity to both develop and learn from the Afghan soldiers,” said Major Robert Palfrey, Officer Commanding A Company.

“They are highly motivated, capable and experienced fighters. This task is widely recognised as some of the most important and rewarding work being done in theatre at the moment."

For 2 YORKS this is the second tour of duty in Helmand and many of them will be veterans of Op Herrick 7 which started in October 2007.

Once in Afghanistan the troops will form part of 11 Light Brigade, which replaces 19 Light Brigade this October.

They will take on the role of the Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team. The purpose of the team is to develop the capabilities and maximise the effectiveness of the Afghan National Army.

The long term aim of this important mission is to enable the Afghan National Army to become self-sufficient, independently capable of training its soldiers and mounting operations.

The nature of the role in theatre will see the battalion operate in small teams, utilising a wide range of military and instructional skills to further develop their Afghan colleagues' capabilities.

"After a thorough period of intensive training, during which everyone concerned worked extremely hard, the battalion is well prepared for this demanding role,” said Lieutenant Colonel David Colthup, Commanding Officer 2 YORKS.

“Over the past month the battalion has had the opportunity to take some hard-earned leave to relax with their families. They are now fully focused on the task to hand and are highly motivated and very much looking forward to the tour."

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