Sunday, September 13, 2009

'We have enough helicopters'

Click here to see the video report on the BBC website

As British troops continue to battle the Taliban in Afghanistan, there are questions in the UK over whether soldiers have the best equipment to protect themselves.

Critics say a shortage of helicopters is leaving troops more vulnerable to roadside bombs.

The BBC's Kate Silverton spoke to the man in charge of the helicopter operation in Helmand, Lt Col David Meyer, who said they did not have a shortage.


  1. title a little misleading as the response was to the question have any lives been lost due to a lack of medivac
    not have any lives been lost due to an inability to deploy or re supply by air

  2. So why do we hear so many troops telling a different story?

  3. Thank you for the comment on the title. As you will be aware the BBC have full editorial control and the title was written by the BBC not the editor of this blog. Here is the link again

  4. thanks for putting out the comment
    i understand it was the BBCs title and not an attempt at spin by media ops, apologies

  5. Not a problem at all. The vast majority of the posts are from taken from the media. It has always been a key aim to represent the views of the media as the editorial process is very important.

  6. Well frankly if they don't have enough helicopters he could have said so. He didn't. So what is the deal??