Tuesday, September 22, 2009

VIDEO: Camp Bastion airport, Helmand

Bastion airport in Afghanistan is Britain's fifth busiest airport. It sees thousands of air movements a month and is a vital support element to troops on the ground.


  1. Major Paul Smyth - I'm assuming you're the tube that Michael Yon is referring to when he talks about giving British Forces a bad name in the UK and abroad.

    Is it you?

  2. No it isn't me. I deploy to head up a new Media Ops Centre at Camp Bastion in about a weeks time.

    I haven't been to Afghanistan since 2006 and apart from setting up the Helmand Blog, twitter feed etc, I was out in Kosovo with 2 RIFLES last year, followed by a deployment to Basra, Iraq running Media Ops and since then I have been based at PJHQ Media Ops in the UK.