Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gunner honoured for 'inspirational example' under fire

A soldier from the Royal Regiment of Artillery has been awarded the Military Cross for his heroic actions in aiding an injured comrade and relaying critical information while exposed and under fire during a battle in Afghanistan.

Gunner Grant Guy, aged 20, was awarded the prestigious medal for going to the aid of a wounded marine and making three crossings of an open area known as the 'killing area' whilst under accurate enemy fire to relay critical information that his exposed position was able to establish and as a result regained the initiative from the enemy.

During the battle Gunner Guy placed himself in direct enemy fire when he went to the aid of a fallen comrade who had been shot in the head and was lying exposed to further enemy attack during a deadly and co-ordinated ambush on Gunner Guy's patrol company.

Joined by two colleagues he administered emergency care while the remainder of the company engaged to suppress enemy fire.

On identifying a further enemy firing point that was engaging his position that was out of the reach of his covering fire, Gunner Guy made the perilous dash back across the killing area to advise the fire support team commander of the position to direct artillery fire.

His citation states that this action was the turning point in the company's fight to regain the initiative.

Gunner Guy then moved for the third time, completely exposed to heavy fire, across the killing area to return to the wounded marine, where he calmly briefed the medical officer who had arrived on the scene.

He then turned his attention to directing the machine gun group's fire to suppress the last enemy position - giving the medical officer a respite from enemy fire to treat the wounded marine ready for evacuation.


  1. Sometimes the level of courage displayed is simply stunning

  2. one brave act,can save work at it's best. well done.

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