Friday, April 23, 2010

Medics receive Afghanistan medals

Military medics who have been serving in Afghanistan for the last six months and arrived back in the UK this week with the help of HMS Albion were presented with their campaign medals yesterday.

After arriving in Portsmouth on Wednesday night, the medics, from 63 Squadron, 253 Medical Regiment, and C Squadron, 254 Medical Regiment, both part of the Royal Army Medical Corps, made their way back to their home base of Fulwood Barracks in Preston where yesterday they were presented with their campaign medals by Brigadier Chris Parker, Commandant of the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine.

The medics had been deployed in more than 70 locations across the network of infantry patrol bases in Helmand province.

Captain Craig Fulton said:

"It's been a tough tour. But the guys have achieved a hell of a lot supporting the Battle Group, and the infantry have really appreciated what we do. It's been hard on them, but it's definitely something the guys can be proud of."

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  1. Well done all - you are really amazing - professional - you care for our wounded who are never really mentioned - hence, nor are you - Unfortunatley. Know your acts are really appreciated - although I would prefer if they were not required..Welcome Home...Proud of You x