Saturday, April 17, 2010

VIDEO: Reflections from a six month tour of Whishtan, Sangin

Major Graeme Wearmouth, Officer Commanding B Company, 1 SCOTS talks about the 6 month tour he and his men have just completed in Afghanistan.

The 100+ strong company are on route back to Edinburgh after a demanding and successful tour in which they have made a real difference to the lives of Afghans around Forward Operating Base (FOB) Wishtan, East Sangin, Helmand Province.

Major Wearmouth hands over at a significant time as the remainder of the


  1. I'm so proud of all our forces out in Afghanistan. We can never thank you enough. Thank you for all that you do. Cheers to the Jocks!

  2. Thinking of you all. Glad in the most part you made it home safe. Maybe you could have some mention of the injured too.
    Sarah x

  3. Well done, gentlemen! Thank you very much for your service. What a challenging mission to pursue.