Thursday, April 1, 2010

PICTURE of the day: Operation Herrick training

Live firing on one of the ranges in Helmand

Reception, Staging and Onward Integration (RSOI) is the final stage in the intensive training that every soldier completes before taking on their tasks in Helmand.

Back in the UK and on exercises around the world, armed forces undergo months of training to prepare them for the rigors of Helmand.

RSOI is the final phase which takes place in Afghanistan and brings everyone up to speed with the very latest developments.

Compound clearance drills

Responding to a 'contact'

Defensive posture whilst on patrol

Section patrol - lead man sweeping for IEDs

On Patrol with 15 Field Sqn RE

Platoon Heavy weapons, .50 cal and General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG)

Simulated casualty extraction

Pictures: Cpl Sean Hayes REME


  1. Good Luck to All troops currently training out there - know you are all in our minds and prayers. God Bless. x