Friday, April 16, 2010

VIDEO: New arrivals put through their paces

As the soldiers from 4 Mechanized Brigade arrive in Camp Bastion to begin their six month tour of duty, each will under take final in theatre confirmation training.

This is part of the Reception Staging and Onwards Integration process delivered by the British Armys Operational Training and Advisory Group (OPTAG).

All MOD personnel arriving in theatre attend a range of training packages covering; countering improvised explosive devices, casualty evacuation, cultural awareness briefs, helicopter drills, environmental health briefs, defensive shoots in the day and night time, infantry patrolling skills and weapons stands, and confirmation briefings on the rules of engagement for opening fire.

Soldiers from 11 Light Brigade, who have come to the end of their six month tour, are providing an insight into the situation on the ground along with real-life experience and hints and tips.

Filmed and edited by Sgt Tom Robinson


  1. Many thanks for this and all the other posts on this blog. My son arrived with you this week as part of Operation Herrick, and I'll be logging on here every day. Looking forward to all your coming posts and videos - thanks to all involved in their production.

  2. Good luck to all - and what I always say to my son out there, - 'even though you are well trained and know your job, please always be on your guard' - look after yourselves and each other. Thinking and Praying for you ALL.