Monday, June 28, 2010

Football Fever on The Front Line

Today was to be D-Day for the English football team in South Africa, but out in Afghanistan, every day is D-Day for the British troops helping bring governance and security to Helmand.

Luckily those fortunate enough not to be on duty had the chance to watch our footballers in action at a variety of locations throughout the Province.

Troops in Camp Bastion get into the spirit early in the match

In Lashkar Gar, home to the Headquarters of Task Force Helmand (TFH), the men of 1st Battalion The Scots Guards and 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Cheshire), as well as other military personnel from all parts of the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force, came together to watch the match on a big-screen TV and show their enthusiasm for the great game.

Members of TFH in Lashkar Gar watch the game on an improvised big screen

Lance Bombardier Terry Eaves of 4th Regiment Royal artillery said at half time “England always play better in the second half so the Germans should be worried. I think we’ll get a couple more in the second half.” Sadly that wasn’t to be the case.

With support for both sides strongly evident amongst the crowd, emotions ran high throughout the night. Nevertheless a great time was had by all, despite the night time temperatures being well into the 30’s and the wrong result for the English.

Captain James Ogglesby, part of the Joint Media Operations Centre from Camp Bastion commented that “England are a bit up and down at the moment; good in front but weaker at the back, they really need to tighten up and stopping making mistakes.”

However as the game slowly went downhill for England, so did the hopes and support of those the England troops watching the game.

Troops look on in anguish as Germany score again

Corporal Kirk Delaney was devastated. “I really thought we could pull it out of the bag. But Rooney wasn’t anywhere near his normal standard. And why wasn’t Crouchy on instead of Defoe? He’s scored every time he comes on. I can’t understand Cappello’s thinking.

Despite the only cold beer available being cans of the alcohol-free variety, the atmosphere was nonetheless friendly and offered a good opportunity for the troops to grab a bit of down time and relax. Roll on the Euro 2012 Championships in Poland.


  1. England football team! Overpayed & lazy. If they are moaning about being apart from their girlfriends & wifes, they should try it for six months like real British Hero's.

  2. Besides agreeing with above 1.15pm; would like to say: 'The England team may have let us down - but one thing for sure, YOUR NOT'. God Bless You ALL. x

  3. Sooner fly the England flag for you boys than the lazy twits who marched out "for England" yesterday.