Monday, June 7, 2010

Royal Marines on patrol in Kajaki

A British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) report from Kajaki in the North East of Helmand Province in Afghanistan.

BFBS provides radio and television servioes for UK Forces across the world. A team from the broadcaster recently spent a few days at Kajaki with the Royal Marines of 40 Commando, whose job is to work with Afghan forces to provide security in and around the town and its dam, a key electricity generator for the country.

This is the first of their reports.

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  1. What our troops have to this country worth it?...I don't think so.....and please nobody comment that they are protecting us here in the UK as even when 'we' know of known threats by 'home grown terrorists', our laws does not allow us to do 'anything' as it affects their 'HUMAN RIGHTS'....Proud of Our Troops...but will be happier when you are home.....God Bless you All.x