Sunday, June 13, 2010

Frustrated England troops are confused after England’s first World Cup game.

Hundreds of British and US troops watched the opening match of England's World Cup campaign all over Camp Bastion last night.

The final score of 1-1 left England supporters deflated as they left the Bastion coffee shop at 1 am and the American troops left happier than they imagined they would.

Specialist Norman Stoddard from the US Navy said: “That was a great game for us but England deserved to have won really, I am not sure how they didn’t.”

Cpl Steve Clark from Royal Dragoon Guards said: “I can’t believe that we gave it away. We deserved to win. Roll on the next game when we can show what we are really made of.”

British and American soldiers watched the game in front of television sets located all around Camp Bastion.

Major Will Turner from the Counter IED Team said: “England have a great chance of going all the way if they have a confident start. Unfortunately we didn’t win this one.”

Regimental Sergeant Major Yorkie Wilson from Joint Helicopter Force (Afghanistan) said "It is massively important that the troops have a certain amount of welfare facilities available especially when they are coming back in from out on the ground. Being able to watch the England game is just an added bonus.”

Craftsman Sean Alsop and Michael Pearce from 1 Close Support Battalion, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), painted their faces and donned flags like they would back home

“It is fantastic being able to watch this whilst we are out here. The US goal was disappointing in the first half but it has been fun watching it together in the same place.”

300 television sets had been sent to Afghanistan in order for the off duty troops to watch the games in their own units. Recording facilities have also been set up to produce DVDs of the match which can then be sent out to the forward operating bases and patrol bases for the front line soldiers to keep up to date with progress.

Whilst operations continue to take priority, the soldiers are very grateful to have the ability to catch the games that they can.

Royal Marine Dan Moxham, an ex professional player himself, said: “We are all here for operations first but there are loads of patriotic people out here, so being able to watch the game is fantastic. We are not going to get too excited but England really can go all the way!”

Staff Sergeant Teresa Jarnagin from the US Army said: “We are so lucky to be able to enjoy this freedom when our lads are out on the front line right now.”

Pictures: Cpl Gary Kendall RLC

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  1. Wish England had won but as things are, glad it was a draw....Great seeing the troops in 'down time'. God Bless you All x