Sunday, August 1, 2010

British and Afghan forces build relationships with locals around Sayedebad

Soldiers serving with Somme Company, the 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, working jointly with the Afghan National Army and the 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland have continued to push out and clear villages surrounding the town of Sayedebad. On day three of Op TOR SHEZADA the ongoing patrols around the town have allowed forces to interact and re-assure local nationals about the operation and the increased security it will create.

Captain Brad Pino, 13 Platoon Commander said, “We had reports yesterday that two insurgents had moved into these compounds to get eyes on to what we were up to… and they moved in with weapons. So we’ve moved down with the ANA today to go through the compounds, check that there are no signs of insurgents and just ask the locals what they know of it. So we’re out now providing protection for the ANA to go and speak to the local nationals.”

Afghan National Army Soldiers on Patrol near Sayedebad

As the patrol greeted locals at first light it met with no resistance, even though local intelligence suggested the Taliban had been in the area. The compounds residents seemed pleased to see the soldiers and were happy to speak with them about possible IED locations in the vicinity.

Soldiers from 1 Lancs provide cover as ANA soldiers search a compound

Captain Pino said, “At the moment we have a multiple facing off to the east and south providing protection from that direction and we’ve got my guys facing to the west and north, and the ANA are in the middle of the two compounds chatting to the locals. Atmospherics are pretty good, so I don’t think we’re going to see much today.”

He continues, “Once the ANA are happy and have got some good information off the locals we will push back to camp.”

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