Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Soldier saved by rosary - just like his great-grandfather

By The Telegraph

A soldier who stood on a landmine in Afghanistan may owe his life to a rosary - just as his great-grandfather did in the Second World War.

Private Glenn Hockton was saved when his rosary beads fell from his neck onto the floor and alerted him to the fact that he was standing a land mine Photo: EASTNEWS

Private Glenn Hockton, 19, asked for a rosary to take with him before being deployed to Afghanistan on a seven-month tour of duty with the Coldstream Guards in Helmand Province.
He bent down to pick the rosary up when it fell from his neck and then realised he was on a landmine.

Pte Hockton had to remain standing where he was for 45 minutes while his colleagues successfully attempted to rescue him.

His great-grandfather Joseph Sunny Truman also credited a rosary with saving his life when he survived a bomb blast after he was captured while serving with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in the Second World War.

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  1. Good to have faith, good to have the courage to wear your faith - one lucky person thanks to your Rosary beads and that of your colleauges who cleared the IED

  2. I went to school with glen he is a brave lad and this story was so close to home bless him! Wish him all the luck while he is out there! His grandfather is looking out for him xx

  3. I went to school with glen he is a very brave lad, got respect for him for what he is doing out there, i believe that his grandfather saved his life xx