Wednesday, August 18, 2010

David Cameron Comments on Afghanistan

By Tom Newton Dunn, Political Editor, The Sun

DAVID Cameron today reveals he is on a lightning mission to reform Britain – while his Coalition is still riding the crest of its popularity. The PM – in an exclusive interview with The Sun to mark a hundred days at No10 – declares he wants to sort out the country quicker than Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair did. He candidly admits the honeymoon period will end as tough decisions are made. But he vowed not to shy away from doing what is needed – and FAST.

He also told of the greatest burden for a modern British PM – “getting Afghanistan right”.

Mr Cameron told how the war against the Taliban – and the sacrifices of our brave troops – preyed on his mind.

He said: “Afghanistan is what keeps me up at night – making sure that we succeed.

“Obviously the most difficult and the biggest responsibility is the fact that we have troops in Afghanistan risking their lives on a daily basis.

“Tragically we have lost quite a number since I have become Prime Minister.

“All the time I am asking, ‘Are we doing the right thing, are we protecting our forces in the right way, have they got the right equipment, are we helping their families?’

“That is a really huge weight and a burden that you have got to discharge in the right way.” He admitted that being Prime Minister was a job he found “very daunting”.

But it was also “incredibly fulfilling and challenging”.

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