Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rifleman Remand Kulung killed in Afghanistan

It is with sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm that Rifleman Remand Kulung, from G (Tobruk) Company, 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Cheshire), attached to the Danish Battlegroup, was killed in Afghanistan on 12 August 2010.

Rifleman Remand Kulung
Picture: via MOD

In the early hours of 10 August 2010, a Chinook helicopter was conducting a resupply at Patrol Base Bahadur. Part of the helicopter came into contact with the sangar from which Rfn Remand was carrying out sentry duty.

The sangar collapsed and Rfn Remand sustained serious injuries. He was evacuated to Bastion Role 3 hospital before subsequently being moved to the United Kingdom for further treatment.

At 1258hrs on 12 August 2010, Rfn Remand Kulung died of his injuries in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, with his family present.

fn Remand’s wife, Sophy, paid this tribute to her husband. She said:

“My husband, Rifleman Remand Kulung, was a kind, brave and very honest soldier. He has always been sincere and devoted towards his responsibilities as a soldier, which Gurkha soldiers are renowned for.

“He sacrificed his great life while he was doing his duty. Though it was a great loss that can not be replaced, his passing has left me the reason to be proud of being a wife of a brave soldier like him.

“He’ll be missed by me and my family forever.”

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