Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Corporal Christopher Lewis Harrison killed in Afghanistan

It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of Corporal Christopher Lewis Harrison of Bravo Company, 40 Commando Royal Marines, in Afghanistan on Sunday 9 May 2010.

During a deliberate operation, Bravo Company was conducting a patrol alongside the Afghan National Army in order to help provide security for the local population of Sangin.

At approximately 0620 hours local time on 9 May 2010, south of Patrol Base Shuga, Corporal Harrison was fatally wounded in an explosion.

Corporal Christopher Lewis Harrison

Corporal Christopher Lewis Harrison was 26 years old and was born in Watford. He lived in Taunton with his wife Rebecca. He entered Royal Marines Recruit Training at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines on 13 March 2003, passing for duty on 18 December 2003.

Corporal Harrison had previously served with the Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines, and had qualified as a Heavy Weapons (Mortars) specialist in 2005. In 2007 he deployed with 40 Commando Royal Marines on Operation HERRICK 7 and he had recently returned from an amphibious exercise in the Mediterranean and the Far East.

In January 2010 he was selected for, and successfully passed, Junior Command Training at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. Returning to 40 Commando he then deployed on Operation HERRICK 12 as a Mortar Fire Controller with Bravo Company, based at Patrol Base Shuga.

Corporal Harrison's wife Rebecca said:

"This is the most devastating news of my life. I have lost the most fantastic husband I could ever have wished for.

"Even though I knew and fully supported what Chris did as a Royal Marine and the dangers he was facing, I am still broken by his loss. Chris was my life, he was my motivator and my inspiration, my rock, the one person with whom I shared everything.

"It hurts me beyond words knowing that I will never have my beloved husband by my side ever again and we will never raise the family that we so desperately craved to complete our lives together. He will forever live in my heart."

Lieutenant Colonel Paul James, Commanding Officer 40 Commando Group, Combined Force Sangin, said:

"Corporal Chris Harrison embodied the best of his generation; fit, bright, dedicated and incredibly courageous. He died leading his fellow marines in an Operation to disrupt an insurgency threat in Sangin.

"A larger than life character, both in stature and personality, he was one of the few men who was known across the whole of 40 Commando. He achieved legendary status amongst his cohort having overcome snakebites in Brunei and delivering rapid and accurate mortar fire support on this, his second deployment to Afghanistan.

"He is a man who will be sorely missed by all. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, family and friends. Corporal Chris Harrison was, and will always be, the model Commando."

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  1. Words of condolences will never be enough - but know that my prayers and thoughts are with you and although I did not know your husband/son/brother - I grieve with you - may cpl Lewis now R.I.P: And I pray that God gives you strenght to carry on.