Thursday, May 27, 2010

VIDEO: David Beckham pays tribute to the British fallen

During last weekends visit to Camp Bation, David Beckham paid tribute to the British fallen, standing solemn and head bowed before a Camp Bastion memorial dedicated to those who have given their lives.

He slowly read the 28 names on each of the gleaming brass plaques denoting the full name, the regiment, the initials and the date of the deaths of each member of the UK Armed Forces – a total of 286.

Beckham, 35, on the second day of a goodwill visit to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, and wearing a Help for Heroes charity wristband, stood silently in respect, lost in his own personal thoughts.

The England footballer was told that the 18-inch high cross on top of the stone memorial was made of 30mm cannon shells and every bereaved family receives their own cross personally inscribed and dedicated to the person who lost their life.

The memorial inscription reads: “Dedicated to those who have fallen in the line of duty in Helmand Province.” Two wreaths of poppies lay at the base of the memorial.

One inscription said: “To the fallen of OP HERRICK 11 lovingly remembered, never forgotten.”

Earlier Beckham had breakfast with senior officers including Deputy National Contingency Commander of British Forces, Brigadier Angus Fay who said: "I think it’s been fantastic for the British forces that he has show so much interest in the work we are doing.

"He is such an iconic figure to everyone of all ages and background. His effect on the morale has been phenomenal and we are very grateful for his commitment to us. Morale is through the roof – the whole place is buzzing.”

Reflecting on the trip to Afghanistan, Beckham said it has been “One of my best experiences of my whole life, to actually be here, to see first hand what you all go through. You have to leave your families, your friends, your loved ones, your kids, that must hard”.

Beckham added “I’ve represented my country on the field, and I’ve got great team mates and great friends, but every now and again I can let my team mates down on the field, you out here, you have to trust your friends, trust the people that you are next to, and your team mates, you don’t get another chance.

I have huge admiration for everything that you do, everything that you believe in, and everything that you are doing for our country; it’s a real honour for me to be here.”

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