Friday, May 21, 2010

GOVERNANCE: facilitating commerce within the Sangin Bazaar

A deliberate plan has been put into place to facilitate commerce within the Sangin Area of Operations.

Business as usual: Store Holders in the Sangin Bazaar

This further promotion of Afghan governance will be achieved through comprehensive partnering at all levels and on all activities. 40 Commando Group (CF SGN) will assist the ANSF and local nationals to create an ever-expanding security bubble. The expectation is for local nationals to become increasingly reliant on these secure areas for income generation.

A result of the increased security will be an overall increase in the quality of life of the people of Sangin as well as a reduction in poverty and increased stability. The Unit is committed to these elementary stages of creating a positive spiral of progression.

As the process matures, the Afghans themselves will become stakeholders and will want to protect their financial and emotional investment against the insurgents who threaten to jeopardise it.

An Afghan child offers a salute to the UK troops in Sangin

Analysis of the Sangin bazaar and distances travelled by stallholders and customers alike provides an immediate visible measure of success or failure. Over time, the analysis of the infrastructure, reconstruction and building works will give a true reflection of sustainable success in growth and development. The current, in-house, analysis demonstrates traders travelling increasingly greater distances to get to the Sangin Bazaar.

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