Thursday, May 6, 2010

VIDEO: Army bomb disposal team clears Afghan highway of IEDs

Army bomb disposal experts from the Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) Task Force have cleared the road to the market town of Shahzad in South West Helmand, in the heart of the Green Zone.

The road, littered with improvised explosive devices and surrounded by insurgent positions, had previously been impassable for the local population in an area controlled by the Taliban until Operation Moshtarak.


  1. "I'll walk down the road and deal with the IED" Jeesus. Seemlingly cool as a cucumber. Amazing.

  2. Thanks for posting: Watching this and thinking; why in this day an age, robots are not used on these roads - I know troops would have to follow, but in the first instance it would only be a machine destroyed - yes, money, but enough money is going into this country - whats a few quid more compared to life - then if a Robot could also plant the explosive to destroy a find, you could then become trainers to the Afghans so they can take charge of their Country and you could all come home - know I am not be realistic - just wishful. Take Care All - Proud of You.