Friday, May 21, 2010


British troops in Afghanistan are sporting a new look this spring as their uniform changes for the first time in over 40 years.

The new Multi Terrain Pattern camouflage has been designed to work across the range of terrains to reflect the diverse landscape that our troops encounter on patrol in Helmand Province. This is part of MOD’s ongoing programme of work to provide the best possible equipment and support to the front line.

Soldiers that deployed to Afghanistan in April, including members of the Royal Dragoon Guards, were the first to be issued with the new uniform. It will be issued to all military personnel by 2012.

Sergeant Luke Cunningham of the Royal Dragoon Guards said:

“I was in Afghanistan 2008 and so I have worn both Combat 95 and Multi-Terrain Pattern camouflage on operations. The new camo is definitely better for the conditions we face in the Green Zone of Helmand. It’s more comfortable and it is superior in terms of the operations we’re undertaking.”

The new camouflage was trialled in laboratory tests and field evaluations. This included aerial and scientific photography to provide the right colours and brightness to make the new camouflage pattern. Computer modelling was used to represent the Green Zone, deserts and mixed environments in Afghanistan.

Colonel Stephen James, Project Team Leader for Defence Equipment and Support Clothing Team, who was responsible for delivering the new pattern to operations, said:

“This is the first time since 1968 that we have introduced a new pattern to UK Forces. We have presented the new designs to the US Department of Defense and following our recommendations, the US Army are about to adopt the same technology for their uniform in Afghanistan.”


  1. No doubt the new government will take the credit for it!

  2. The soldier kneeling down in his new outfit is my big lad!!! whey hey!! Not sure about the glasses.... enough of that - please bring him home now!

  3. We perhaps take good uniforms for granted, but it is amazing what an annoyance a bad design feature can become. I'm curious how much input the people who have to wear the uniform had in its design.

  4. my baby boy is out there too a long with the rest of the brave lads. does it matter wot out fit they wear ? KEEP THEM SAFE . and PLEASE GOD SEND MY SON HOME SAFE to me a long with all the rest of the hero;s x god bless you ALL

  5. Great that the new uniforms can act as 'camouflage' for our troops it would be even better if it could tell our troops where the IED's/Taleban are..better still I would prefer my son not to be wearing it at all - Proud of all Our Troops - may God bless them all and may our Cons/LibDems bring them home NOW!

  6. Correction for 24/5/10 12.51am: I said I wished my son was not wearing uniform at all - re-reading felt as though I wasnt proud of him/forces/job - not the case - just wish he wasnt there: Sorry if I offended anybody.

  7. My youngest son is out there with the RDGs. I do hope the new uniform helps them feel more comfortable in those hostile conditions. We have been complaining about the heat here this weekend. It is nothing compared to what they are dealing with. My thoughts are constantly with my lovely boy and his comrades.

  8. that's a good pattern. Glory to our heroes.