Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brits And Afghans Fight To Clear Rebel Base

By Adam Arnold, Sky News Online

A new offensive involving hundreds of British and Afghan troops is taking place in southern Afghanistan to try to clear a Taliban stronghold.

Operation ‘Tor Shezada’ or ‘Black Prince’ is being led by the 1st Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster Regiment and got off to a “successful” start, military chiefs said.

UK soldiers along with Afghan forces from 3rd Brigade, 215 Corps, are trying to clear an area from Sayedebad to the south of Nad-e-Ali.

The assault is taking place on suspected rebel compounds and is expected to take several days.
The offensive continues the momentum gathered by Operation Mostarak earlier this year, the Ministry of Defence said.

Although significantly smaller than previous offensives in this area, Operation Tor Shezada will push insurgents further from the populated centres successfully cleared by Moshtarak.
Sky’s Stuart Ramsay is embedded with the troops.

He said: “Soldiers have been fanning out and moving south from a variety of camps they have in this part of Helmand Province.

“The idea is to try to pressurise the areas that the Taliban have been controlling for some time.”

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