Saturday, July 24, 2010

Royal Marine survives Taliban bullet

The combination of body armour, a Jackal patrol vehicle, a Chinook helicopter and the skill of medics has helped to save the life of a Royal Marine shot during a gun battle in Afghanistan.

Marine Jason Nash was on duty in Helmand province when he was shot by insurgents in April 2010.

But thanks to body armour doing its job, the quick thinking of his fellow Royal Marines, and the excellent work of medics, he's back on the front line.

Marine Jason Nash is back on the front line
[Picture: Crown Copyright/MOD 2010]

Mne Nash, 40 Commando Royal Marines, said:

"I was working in my patrol base, building up the defences on the roof.

"Just as I was about to climb down to get some water, a single round hit me in the left arm.

"It went through and into the side plate of my body armour and knocked me clean off the roof. It felt like a car had hit me in the ribs.

"I looked down at my arm and I could see the blood, but the other lads instantly got an emergency care bandage on me to stop the bleeding."

To read how Marine Nash was cared for click here here

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  1. I'm sure it felt as though he'd been 'knocked' off the roof, and it's how a lot of guys that have been shot do describe it, but that's just not physically possible.

    Also, what 'side plate'? I didn't think there were strike plates in the side of any current British armour.

  2. To Anonymous:

    Well mate, next time you take a round in the arm and get knocked off a roof maybe you'll be able to comment on it. Now in the meantime, stop been a cock and making shite remarks you walter.

  3. To Anonymous - it's not so much the force of the impact which throws people back (such as in the movies we all to often see) but rather, the instantanious realisation that one's been shot.. it's the jerk back reaction from pain, coupled with the impact, which most likely propelled this brave young man off the roof.

    As Fregie said, if you have ever been shot in the arm (or anywhere else) then please, do tell us (providing proof of course!), and explain your experiences, until then, be quiet, and give our lads the dire support they need. Even if you dont support the political reasons for our current ops, our lads deserve our support - after all, they're just following orders and doing what they're told... unlike ignorant people like you in civi street, these lads don't have a choice...