Thursday, July 29, 2010

Helping the Afghan Women

By Lieutenant Elaine Boyd Royal Navy

The pace just doesn’t let up out here and it definitely makes the 6-month tour go faster. I am currently living in MOB PRICE alongside the Danish Battlegroup. The accommodation is basic but at least I get a good nights sleep, unlike being onboard with the waves of the Irish Sea knocking me out of my bunk, and constant pipes for ‘big eats’ at the gangway!

The only pipes we hear in MOB PRICE are to inform us that personal communications with the UK are closed, and every time the pipe is made you feel immense sadness knowing the Taskforce has taken casualties. This week we have seen some real highs and some equal lows.

Lt Boyd undertaking her role as part of the Military Stabilisation and Support Team (MSST)

Somewhat unexpectedly the District Governor in Nahr-e Saraj changed over and I attended a “meet and greet” with the new incumbent, and the Battlegroup staff, to discuss the way ahead, and the Governors priorities for the area. Very quickly I found myself inspired (and a little star-struck as he is a hugely important individual in Afghan society) by the Governor, as he spoke passionately about the hopes he has for his district. I work for the District Stabilisation Team which works directly to support the District Governor so I am looking forward to an exciting new chapter under the new Governor’s leadership.

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