Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hero hit by bullet ... spits it out again

By The Sun

TOUGH soldier Luke Reeson was hit in the face by a Taliban bullet - and SPAT it out.

He then yomped two miles to base, carrying his heavy kit, for treatment to a broken jaw.

And just three weeks later he was back on the front line again.

Luke, a 22-year-old lance corporal, was on patrol in Nad-e-Ali in Helmand when an insurgent's bullet hit his body armour and ricocheted into his face.

It tore into his cheek, broke his jaw and came out through his mouth.

After 24 hours with military medics at Camp Bastion, he was flown to Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham.

But the 6ft 5in hero was soon back in Afghanistan with his mates from 1 Duke of Lancaster's Regiment.

Mum Kim, of Torquay, Devon said: "The Army was impressed with Luke's recovery and he just wanted to get back with the lads.

"He knows he's very lucky but he's trying to play down his injury."

The mum-of-three, 43, added "there was no doubt" Luke's body armour saved his life.

She said: "He looked like Desperate Dan with his jaw all swollen but we're very proud of him. There are soldiers all over the country recovering from injuries who never get noticed."


  1. Nails! Well done mate :)

  2. Can't imagine how much that must of hurt. Not to mention the shock of being hit. Never ceases to amaze me that the mainstream media doesn't give stories like this more space/airtime.

  3. Great news: Agree with Spindle above, need more media coverage on such stories; also all wounded - Wishing you well - Praying for You. x

  4. Wow - that's an amazing story!
    Very best wishes, LCpl Reeson!
    Although sorry to hear that you were injured, I'm glad that it wasn't worse.
    **Give the enemy heaps, mate!**