Saturday, February 13, 2010

VIDEO: 1 Royal Anglian Patrol Base - Khushal Kalay

Vaughan Smith for Channel 4 News

As preparations are underway for Operation Moshtarak in the Nad e Ali region of Central Helmand - C Coy 1 Royal Anglian are based in the heartland of Taliban held territory


  1. Great piece and nice to see the Vikings in such good form. Keep safe.
    And to Vaughan Smith - a big well done, nice to see it can be done without the RK panic!

  2. as a ex essex c coy memberand vet eran i salute all of you your doing a grand job and all us vets are with you nice one lads blondie pickeringt

  3. Im a ex-viking ,keep your heads down lads and make sure everyone stays safe,
    Behind you 100%

  4. Before Vaughan filmed us, I took the time to interview him just before the patrol. He didn't like the high walls of the village. I told him he was better off inside the village than out south with us. But still... he braved it!

    Very cool guy. Very cool patrol. Thanks for the memories being recorded Mr Smith! Honourary Viking be ye!

  5. Good stuff Vikings, calm and cool under fire, proud to be a former Viking, and C Coy member.