Sunday, February 28, 2010

Afghan flag flies over Marjah

A young boy smiles as the Afghan flag flies once again over the town of Marjah in the Nad-e Ali district of Helmand province. The flag was raised in a ceremony involving Helmand governor Gulab Mangal, community officials, and Afghan and ISAF security partners.

The flag-raising symbolized the return of government authority in the community, a focal point of governance activities since the start of Operation Moshtarak.

The goal of Moshtarak – Dari for "together" – is for the combined force (ANA, ANP, ISAF and the Helmand Provincial Reconstruction Team) to support the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in asserting its authority in central Helmand, thereby demonstrating the government’s commitment to the people living there.

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  1. That's what we like to see. Well done one and all. They must be proud of themselves. quite right too.
    Thinking of you all, as always. That flag flying makes it worth while.
    Sarah x