Monday, February 22, 2010

PICTURE of the day: Operation Moshtarak

Week 1 - Operation Moshtarak

In the early hours of 13th February 2010 Fire Support Company, 1 Royal Welsh landed in a wave of three Chinook helicopters close to their objective; several compounds and a bazaar either side of the main canal supplying the Nad e Ali District.

D Day: All round defence as Fire Support Company 1 Royal Welsh move into the area and secure their objective

A British soldier sweeps the area checking for IEDs

An Afghan soldier begins to build relations with local villagers

Efforts of the day finally take their toll!

D+1: Afghan troops start to make contact with the village elders

A Shura (local meeting) is held in a compound attended by elders (mullahs)and coalition forces

The Mullahs listen intently to what the coalition forces have to say

Afghan led joint patrols bring a message of security to the local population

Two Afghan soldiers replace the white Taliban flag with the national flag of Afghanistan as a symbol that the insurgents no longer have control in this area

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