Saturday, February 13, 2010

Commander's stirring battle cry to our boys

From DUNCAN LARCOMBE, Defence Editor in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan

A KEY commander of the British men preparing for a showdown with the Taliban in Afghanistan told them yesterday: "We are going into the heart of darkness."

Lieutenant Colonel Matt Bazeley - commander of the British Engineers Group - spoke to more than 200 of his men as they geared up for Operation Moshtarak, the largest military offensive of the Afghan war.

Col Bazeley, 41, told them: "You will be tested - this is the nature of the business we are in.

"It is bloody dangerous out there. Don't take risks, but don't be ground down.

"There is no one from Exercise Control to help. This is real. This is it. This is what you have been trained for."

Speaking in Camp Bastion, Helmand Province, he warned them they would face problems with communications and equipment during battle, but told them to fight on regardless.

He said: "Find the solution. We have got to make this work."

He reminded them they will be supported by US, Nato and Afghan troops, and said: "We will work together to deliver a better future for the people of Helmand and Afghanistan. They're the prize. Good luck."

More than 4,000 of our boys will form a crucial part of the 15,000-strong international force aiming to oust the Taliban from its Helmand Valley stronghold.


  1. This is unbelievable.
    To a civillian, it rings of something out of 'We Were Soldiers.' . . . only real life.
    My heart and my thoughts are with you all - and I salute you and everything you are doing.
    I don't know you but your presence is effervescent.
    Go get'em boys . . .be brave and take care.
    Much Love
    TTO X

  2. May St. Michael, patron of Warriors, watch over you and guide you. You are all in my prayers. God bless you.