Friday, February 19, 2010

British reinforcements for central Helmand


Day six of a major assault against the Taliban in Afghanistan has seen reinforcements flown in to bolster British forces in the centre of Helmand Province.

They left from Camp Bastion bound for the middle of the province as part of Operation Moshtarak, aimed at extending the Afghan government’s control in one of the country’s most troubled areas.

The joint NATO and Afghan mission is the biggest offensive since the American-led invasion in 2001.

The British were heading for Nad Ali, while American and Afghan forces have concentrated on Marjah, the heart of the last Taliban stronghold in Helmand.

British troops in Nad Ali encountered sporadic contact, trading machine-gun fire with insurgents. They are pressing home the latest assault that began on Wednesday by chasing Taliban fighters who escaped the first wave. A British soldier was killed in an explosion in Nahr-e-Saraj.

In Marjah, American and Afghan troops have secured the main roads, bridges and government centres according to the Marine commander in southern Afghanistan.

Brigadier General Larry Nicholson claimed that the combined forces have achieved their intial military objectives.

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  1. ABC news (the U.S. television news channel) reported Thursday, the 19th, that a unit of U.S. Marines in central Marja had been attacked either with small arms or an IED or possibly a suicide bomber. Several casualties were reported including more than one death. All the injured were airlifted out within 15 minutes or so.

    The media, except for the initial report of ABC and NBC, have been, as far as I can tell, completely silent about this incident. Do you have any information on this. Or can you give me a link to a U.S. Marine blog which may be reporting on the Marja fighting?