Saturday, February 27, 2010

PICTURE of the day: Op Kapche Azadi

Pictures by SSgt Mark Jones on Op Kapche Azadi, Part of Phase 2 Operation Moshtarak
D Squadron, 1st Royal Tank Regiment operating in the Bolan Desert (South East of Shamal Storrai) providing security and engaging with the locals.

Viking Group on patrol in the Bolan Desert

Viking Group leaguer up for the evening

Boy on Bicycle

An inpromptu meeting with locals

Sunset in the Bolan Desert

A Shurah was held on 26 Feb by District Governer Habi Bullah with 70 Elders secured by the Afghan National Police.

Issues of future development and regeneration are discussed.

Afghan Police stand guard

Afghan engagement in stabilisation and development is key to success


  1. Excellent pics Mark, doing a fantastic job. Keep up thegood work. Take care. All of us x

  2. Lovely picture of the Sunset in the Bolan Desert
    Mark and all rest have been a credit to you as well.

    The Mother-law from Parcel Post

  3. Great pics Mark x

  4. Excellent Work by you and Matt Mark stay safe it,s not long now xxx

  5. Mark both you and Matt have done a fantasic job in very challenging circumstances with all the pics and videos

    Take Care you are now both on the home straight

  6. Mark the pics are fab. Take care of yourself and we'll see you soon. K, L and Enjy xxxx