Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ANA and 2 YORKS fight off insurgents

Afghan National Army soldiers together with Brits, recently mounted an attack on a Taliban position forcing the insurgents to run for their lives.

The Afghan soldiers from Patrol Base Waterloo in Sangin, were patrolling in the Green Zone when they came under attack from Taliban machine gun fire.

Seizing the initiative, and in consultation with his British mentor, Lieutenant Ian Atkins, Lieutenant Hamid went on the offensive and pushed his soldiers in the direction of the enemy.

The Afghan Warriors (soldiers) secured a small village before moving to the northern edge of it and locating the enemy firing point a few hundred metres away across the open ground.

Enemy fire intensified as the ANA began to move in to attack, but they pushed on and soon reached the enemy position with no casualties, only to find that the enemy had fled.

Lt Hamid said:

"The Taliban are cowards who try to intimidate and bully the civilians in this area, but when you stand up to them, they always run."

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