Thursday, March 11, 2010

PICTURE of the day: Shura in Shaheed

In the wake of Operation Moshtarak the soldiers of B Company, 1 Royal Welsh together with the Afghan National Army and Police have been working with the elders of Shaheed to bring stability to the area.

Gathering weekly the elders talk to the soldiers and police to voice their concerns and work out what needs to be done to build a more secure and brighter future for the village of Shaheed.

Now that the Taliban have been pushed out the elders are interested improving the village. The topics covered in the Shura included developing a bazaar so that that shopkeepers and framers have a place to sell their goods as well as suggestions for a school as the Taliban destroyed the last one.

The Shura is also the perfect way to build trust between the community, the army and police who are now there to serve the people.

Major Ed Hill arrives at the Shura which the Afghan National Police commander is hosting

Insignia of the Afghan National Police

An elder listening to the discussions

The police commander seated with the village elders

The meeting place in the garden of the police station

Major Ed Hill listening to his interpreter

The Afghan National Army company commander talking to the elders. He is a strong leader and respected by the elders

Listening intensely

Taking Chai is an important part of any meeting

Pictures: Major Paul Smyth

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  1. Wonderful photographs - they tell a story and they are actually beautiful images. Let's hope that the reality of that shura is as hopeful as it looks.