Friday, March 26, 2010

PICTURE of the day: Helmand from the air

The patchwork of the green zone on the visor of a Chinook loadmaster

Coming in low and fast to Lashkar Gah

Looking north over Lashkar Gah

Flying low level at high speed over the desert

The green zone following the Helmand River

A dry Wadi

Up in the north of Helmand the green zone is starting to flower

A USMC Osprey landing at Musa Qala

A USMC Sea Stallion moment before landing

Looking south over the green zone near Musa Qala

Pictures: Maj Paul Smyth


  1. Thanks for the pictures - know the pilots have a hard time too: Thinking and Praying for you all (really thinking - reminds me of mud huts and wish our troops were home). God Bless X

  2. If I understand this correctly, the green zone is an irrigated oasis along the banks of a river in the desert?

    Great pictures!

  3. Great Pictures. Brings back many memories for me. My MOS was 67U20 CH-47 Mechanic in Chu Lai South Vietnam from 1968 to 1970. Glad to see the chinooks still working.Stay safe.

  4. Thanks for posting the photos. We are praying everyday for everyone to come home healthy physically and emotionally. Y'all take care!