Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PICTURE of the day: 'Teufelshunde' bare their teeth - USMC on the flight line

Nicknamed the 'Teufelshunde' or 'Devil Dogs' by First World War German troops in tribute to their tenacious fighting spirit; United States Marines pride themselves on their simple efficiency and fierce pioneer attitude.

The United States Marine Expeditionary Brigade, together with their Afghan and British counterparts, are responsible for delivering security across Helmand Province. With such large distances to cross, helicopters are vital in delivering troops, firepower and kit to where it is needed.

A Bell Huey helicopter lands under ground control

Cobra and Bell Hueys on 'The Pan' ready to go

A Cobra helicopter receives routine maintenance. The USMC runs a 24 hour operation delivering maximum operational capability for whenever it may be needed

A Cobra being prepared for flight. The firepower capability of attack helicopters such as the Cobra is sufficient to end engagements before they even begin. Insurgents have come to recognise the sound of distant rotor blades and will flee rather than suffer devastating attack from the air.

A transport plane of the United States Air Force comes in to land, with helicopters of the USMC in the foreground.

A little piece of science fiction comes to true. Osprey aircraft on the flight line

The huge Propellers of the Osprey rotate through 90degrees combining the vertical take off/landing capability of a helicopter with the air speed of an aeroplane

Picture Credit: Lance Corporal Sean Hayes REME


  1. Keep up the good work - thinking and praying for you all. x

  2. Awesome Photos Sean! Stay Safe All!