Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PICTURE of the day: On patrol near Patrol Base Shaheed

Patrol Base Shaheed is a very multinational place. Built during Op Mashtarak this small outpost is a vital link in the network of new bases put up to provide security in the wake of the biggest air assault since 2001 that took place here just over two weeks ago.

Each day soldiers from England, Wales, Afghanistan as well as an assortment of nationalities represented by the contingent of French Foreign Legion.

Partnered together the soldiers patrol their patch providing the local population with much needed security.

Corporal William from B Company, 1 R WELSH provides a radio link to keep the HQ up to date with the patrol.

A soldier from the Foreign Legion scans the horizon for any threats.

Corporal Williams listens to a brief from a multiple commander about and IED find.

A local elder chats to the patrol as it passes his compound.

A warrior (the Afghan rank equivalent of a private) with a very potent RPG (rocket propelled grenade).

Local children come out to see the patrol.

Taking a break while the next phase of the patrol is briefed back to HQ.

An American A10 tank buster dives in low in a ‘show of force’. No one is left in any doubt we have some serious support up above.

The ANA patrol commander monitoring his team on the radio.

An ANA machine gunner.

Local farmers taking a break from tending their crop.

Pictures: Major Paul Smyth


  1. Hay wonderful photos.If I had to pick photos to hang on a wall. The elder an green blanket,boys an dad.? great stuff here.

  2. the machine gunner looks like a Vietnam Vet!! damn..
    kudos to the pics and the blog...

  3. like the old man's picture!

    he's what we bulgarians would call potenta :)

  4. Great pic's, keep up the good work.